Sunday, August 17, 2014

How to Use Movies for KSI Purposes?

KSI (Karmic Soul Investigation) techniques use our everyday day reactions to life situations as clues and patterns that can lead us to information regarding our soul’s history.
Movies are an excellent way to practice KSI from the comfort of your living room.

Here is how it works:
There are plenty of psychological studies that reveal that a large portion of our mind is subconscious. That means a lot of data concerning self is not readily available to your brain. It is, however, present. My personal experience is that under the right circumstances and with the right investigative techniques, many of us are able to discover hidden and forgotten memories through the use of external triggers. Subconscious information is brought to our awareness. All we have to do is pay attention, ask the right questions and learn how to connect the dots.
It is useful to observe self over longer periods of time to establish what indeed is a soul pattern. We all have more emotional days when a movie might get to us but that is easily explained through your surface circumstances. Soul data tends to be more intense and reoccur every time you are exposed to i.e.17th century Britain or China.

Movies have the power to expose us to a large range of frequencies. We can jump around the timeline and have all different kind of stories, characters, situations and endings available at the push of a button.
Now, think back in your own experience, I bet there are certain types of movies you LOVE watching, others you HATE, those that ALWAYS make you cry, the ones that fill you with tremendous hope, fear or joy and then there are those that are just a bit blah. Part of it certainly has to do with the quality of the movie; the other part has to do with you.

Here are some good KSI questions to ask yourself:
1. What movies make you most emotional? Our emotional bodies often respond to past life memories before our mental bodies do, therefore, it is important to pay attention to strong emotions like fear, grief, desperation, anger, joy, hope, etc.
Take your time and figure out if you can see a pattern either in regards to a country and time period or a specific theme/storyline like abandonment as a child, loss of a great love, guilt over betrayal, self-righteous anger towards a certain group of people etc.

2. What movies do you most love? What movies do you most dislike? 

3. Are there any movies that you could watch over and over again? What is it about this movie that you can’t get enough of?

4. Are there any characters in movies that you feel like are telling a part of your story? Who are they? What about them feels familiar to you?

5. Are there any characters in movies that you judge harshly? What about them specifically pushes your button? If you, in a past life, played that part or you were the victim of someone like that, can you forgive the events at this point in time?
If the answer is yes, do so. If it’s a no, ask yourself what might have been the lesson of such an event, looking at it from a soul educational point of view. What do you need in order to allow for something like this to heal in your timeline?

As always, feel free to add appropriate questions.
If you are an older soul that has started waking up, you know that there are things about you that do not make sense in the context of this lifetime.
Some emotions and old wounds run very deep and when they get triggered you might feel like a tsunami got unleashed, even though your outside reality might be pretty stable at the moment.

As I said earlier, movies are a great tool because we can be exposed to certain frequencies in minutes. Trust that what feels familiar holds valuable information for you. The same goes for certain types of music, aromas, artwork etc.
When we start tapping into past life memories and information regarding our soul history, we’ll always get a sense of recognition and familiarity. If something doesn’t resonate as truth, do not believe it at any cost. As you get to know yourself better, you will notice that things that didn’t make sense at first will keep repeating and finding you until you are ready face them.
Things that we have no resonance with will either not catch our interest or we will view it as neutral observers.
In the beginning of practicing KSI with movies really take the time to explore and observe yourself.

Don’t let your ego get in the way.
If something seems too glamorous but you want it to be your memory, I would use some caution.  Therefore, don’t attempt to place importance where there is none. That is your ego talking.  An authentic past life memory will be multi-facetted, just like your current life. It contains the highs as well as the lows of that experience and you will be able to relate to the struggles and pains as well as the love and joy.
Take a castle for example, the soul that has lived there, will not only remember the parties and the luxury but also the cold, damp castle walls in the winter, the loneliness and isolation, the intrigue and gossip, the boredom etc.

The main reason we do look back, in my opinion, is to help heal aspects of self that are still suffering until every part as self is properly reintegrated into the self NOW.
What I have noticed for myself, working with KSI for many years, is that movies that used to push my buttons in the past no longer do.
The storyline has been healed to where I am able to watch the movie as a neutral observer.
That is one of the many ways you can test if an issue has been healed.
For those of you that are already more intuitive, a movie might have the power to open the door to your past memories.

Play with the clues. That is how you will stay most fluid in your exploration. If we jump to conclusions too quickly, we run the risk of not being open to see the bigger picture.
Have fun and if you don’t feel like practicing KSI while watching movies, don’t!
It’s always a good time to exercise your free will….

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Are you Suffering from Delusional Dolphin Syndrome (DDS)?

What is Delusional Dolphin Syndrome, you may ask?

Well, picture a dolphin in his/her natural habitat, the ocean. Even if you are not a marine biologist, I am certain that you have a pretty good idea what dolphins do.
They swim, they play, they eat fish, they hang out with other dolphins, they jump out of the water and do flips etc.

Now, imagine one of the dolphins, the delusional dolphin, is dissatisfied with his “boring” life in the ocean and embarks on a journey to become “greater”. He looks down on his fellow dolphins for they seem content with their lot in life.
“I am better. I am greater and I will conquer the world.”

Next scene, we see our dolphin at the horse races. Before the races he eats some grass, ‘cause that’s the cool thing to do. He lines up in the starting box, the bell rings, the horses are off, and the dolphin is left behind.
“What’s wrong with me? I should be able to eat grass without a bellyache and run fast. I remember speed. I suck. My life is a failure.”

Next scene, the dolphin is hanging out with some squirrels in the park. They are sitting around chatting having a good time. The squirrels are friendly and welcoming but when it’s time to play and to chase each other around the tree tops, our dolphin feels lonely, isolated and less than.
“I am a nobody. I can’t even run up a tree. Who will ever love me? I am such a loser.
I am so disappointed in myself.”

You get the picture. If this were a book, we would hope our dolphin would find his way back home, a humbler, wiser, kinder and more grateful version of himself.
Life doesn’t always work out that way, especially not when you are human.
We tend to compare ourselves to other humans, and if we re not clear about our own gifts, talents and our true nature, it is easy to get lost.
We might set unrealistic goals for ourselves and continuously add insult to injury, every time that we seemingly fail.
Our society often, reflects an image of what success looks like and what one should do. If you happen to be someone that fits that pre-set mold, good for you!

If you are not and you are continuously feeling left out and left behind, it might be time to ask yourself:
“Am I suffering from Delusional Dolphin Syndrome?”
If the answer is yes, do yourself a favor and get a grip.
Dolphins are cool and there is a place for them and you somewhere in the world.
Once, you have admitted to yourself what that looks like (and it might not be considered “cool” in the public opinion) let go of unreasonable challenges for this lifetime and make your way back to the ocean to be with your friends.
As always, best wishes and many blessings for the journey.
Until next week….

Saturday, August 2, 2014

What is Your Relationship to Your Avatar?

If you’re already living a soul conscious life, you are aware of the fact that you are not your human body. I refer to the human body as the human avatar, the vessel that the soul rides around in while going through its three-dimensional earth experience.

As a soul looking in the mirror, you most likely will have an opinion about how you feel about your avatar. Since we change avatars each lifetime, we will all have avatars that we love and that we feel are a good reflection of our soul energy, as well as avatars that we don’t like and so-so ones.

Now remember, that this is a school and things aren’t always what they appear.
Any avatar, even a seemingly unfitting one, can serve an educational purpose and become a spiritual teacher.

I had the interesting experience this life to be racist against my avatar. My soul had made peace with every race on earth other than the Europeans.  As a kid, I didn’t have a concept of that yet. All I knew was that I didn’t like my skin color. I couldn’t wait to get a tan or dress up and wear make-up to play a gypsy or a Native-American.  I went through years of self-loathing and I didn’t treat my body with much consideration. It didn’t feel like me and I was going to do everything not to be in it.
As the years went by, I’ve been graced with insight, healing and wisdom that have led to a different attitude and has allowed me to embrace my avatar with compassion and love.  I remember the day I realized how much I loathed being German.

I was in college and I was very much looking forward to spending my summer on a Native American reservation. Culturally these felt like my people.
A group of friends and I arrived exhausted after a two day cross-country road trip.
We were tired but very excited. The girl in charge of our accommodations had assured us that our host families would be waiting for us.
When we got there, we were welcomed with cool suspicion. Nobody wanted to take us in. Sitting in the back of the jeep at a gas station figuring out what to do, my eyes met a group of Natives going to the store. In their eyes blatant hate. I don’t blame them. They saw the enemy. I wanted to shout. “Please see my truth, I am not one of them. I am one of you.”
I understood her disdain for me, because I felt the same way. One of my friends and I decided not to stay. We were too ashamed and embarrassed and we didn’t want to impose. We ended up spending the summer with her family in Cleveland, Ohio.

It was a painful lesson for I realized that I couldn’t escape my external reality. It took me many years to make peace with my avatar and my heritage, especially since post World War II Germany represented the bottom of the pile.  For me, it was bad enough to be European, but being German felt like an utter disgrace.
I have come to realize that this lesson was perfect. There was no better way for me to heal my remaining racist tendencies than to have been given the avatar that I have.
These days, I make it my own by letting my soul energy shine through and by taking extra good care of it. After all, it is my home on this planet this lifetime. It has also given me the gift to not judge another book by its cover but to be curious about the soul that resides inside the avatar. It’s freeing and I am grateful for the opportunity.

So back to my original question:
How is your relationship with your avatar?
If it is not that great yet, I hope that you’ll feel inspired to work on it.
After all, any avatar is like a mini-universe with all of its little cells and bio-chemical processes. It depends on you to take care of it and it is working hard for us every day.
If you don’t learn your lesson this lifetime, you might have to repeat it….
In case you are one of the lucky recipients of the perfect soul/avatar match. Congratulations!

Please have compassion for the rest of us.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Choose to Become a KSI Detective!

What’s a KSI (Karmic Soul Investigation) detective you might ask?

A KSI detective is someone who has decided to get to the bottom of his/her issues, someone who is tired of being a victim of fate, and someone who is awake enough as a soul to acknowledge that there is more to life that meets the eye.
A KSI detective is willing to pay attention to clues and to ask difficult questions.
A KSI detective is not going to jump to easy conclusions but has the patience to wait and to investigate until the case is solved.


We are more than the sum of our personality experiences. If you are reading this blog, you are most likely aware of your soul self. In many cases that soul self comes with unresolved trauma and karmic knots.
We all can continue to live our life from the place of our personalities. We can be disciplined, hard working and do all the “right” things and yet, this doesn’t guarantee success, health or happiness.

When you keep stumbling over and over again, it might be time to start asking the “right” question(s). And the million-dollar question(s) is (are):
“What is truly blocking me? What am I stumbling over? Am I voting “yes” on my own success? Where does the extreme fear/guilt/grief come from? Am I ready to face/heal/forgive?”

I like the analogy of being a detective. It adds a bit more practicality and scientific research to the mix than certain more esoteric approaches.
Personally, I like to have my spiritual practice integrated into every day life.
In meditation we learn to strengthen our observer selves. It’s the part of the conscience that like the neutral narrator can keep track of all aspects of self without judging them.
That narrator can easily be turned into the KSI detective.
“Interesting, what do we have here…looks like another clue. The emotional body is experiencing an anger tsunami every time X opens her/his mouth. Instead of reacting I will mediate on it because I do not wish to continue my karmic entanglements with X into the next ten future lives. So, let me see. What exactly is it that triggers me? Is it the neediness in the tone? Is it the fact that X always tries to boss me around? Do I feel responsible/helpless/entitled in regards to my relationship with X? Is this pattern only obvious with X or have I felt this before with other people that are similar to X?”
And just like that, a good KSI detective has opened his/her first case file.

If we don’t address deep-seated issues at the root, we will repeat them in one form or another, sooner or later.
We can use every day life to start collecting clues for the world continuously reflects us back to ourselves.
Therefore, some KSI detectives might derive some helpful clues from their acknowledgment of their road rage, or their anxiety towards public speaking, or their fear of drowning, or the fact that period movies playing in the early 1700 England always evoke a deep sense of heartbreak and loss.

Whatever it is, trust that the clues that stick out in your life are the road map to truly knowing yourself and your soul and to pave a way for deep soul healing.
Maybe it’s time for you to become a KSI detective this lifetime. If so, stay tuned for more helpful tools in future posts.

If not, enjoy the ride anyway…